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Pain After Root Canal On Front Tooth

A root canal is a saving grace for those with a tooth that is so damaged and/or decayed that it is beyond repair.  Before modern dentistry, a rotted tooth was a lost cause.
But a root canal involves removing the nerve of an abscessed tooth, cleaning out any infection, and replacing the new hollow area with a rubber-like substance. However, as advantageous as root canal surgery is, it is also very painful. Here’s how to cope with pain after root canal (on the front tooth). Usually, you willbe comfortable after a root canal. Of course your tooth may feel sensitive in the beginning – but that’s nothing to be concerned about. However,  you can encounter more cumbersome pain after root canal (on the front tooth perhaps).

If you experience acute pain after root canal (on the front tooth) then you should contact your dentist and make sure that your recovery process hasn’t been hindered in any way. If your dentist says you’re okay, then there are some home remedies to help cure pain after root canal (on the front tooth especially) and they are comparable for what you would do for an ordinary toothache.

First of all, apply a cold ice pack (or even just a single ice cube) to the area of pain – this will provide instant relief. Then consider taking pain relievers like Advil or Motrin, which contain ibuprofen.

Be careful with your tooth – don’t bite down too hard on anything. You may even want to avoid chewing foods for a while! This will certainly minimize the pain and speed the recovery process. 

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