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Natural Remedies for Gum Pain or Abscessed Tooth

In all honesty, natural remedies for gum pain or abscessed tooth should be secondary to whatever your dentist has in mind for you.  If you let a slight pain in your jaw or tooth escalate to an excruciating toothache, you might have an abscessed tooth which results from a neglected cavity, an injured tooth, or gum disease. Natural remedies for gum pain or abscessed tooth are few and far between, because while you can seek relief from the pain, an infection like this requires immediate care and can even be life-threatening if not properly treated.

Still, if you are looking for instant relief while you await your dental appointment, here are some natural remedies for gum pain or abscessed tooth. Basically,  whatever you would do to cure an ordinary toothache, you will do here.

Applying a cold ice pack to the tender area is standard – this will numb the pain and prevent swelling. You can place an ice cube directly onto the aching tooth as well.

In addition to nonprescription pain relievers like Tylenol and Advil, there are other herbal treatments to heal gum or tooth pain. Clove oil is the most popular and it is also the most recommended by dentists. You can even make up your own paste of whole cloves by grinding up two tablespoons of cloves and then mixing the powder up with a tablespoon of olive oil. By spreading this paste directly onto your gums, you will be soothed instantly. This relief is only temporary but it’s certainly helpful when you feel the pain of a toothache is practically intolerable. If these natural remedies for gum pain or abscessed tooth aren’t sufficient enough, here is another tip that you may be new to you.

One of the strangest natural remedies for gum pain or abscessed tooth is to gently massage your earlobe and/or your hand (between the forefinger and thumb)! If your toothache is on the right side of your mouth, then softly rub your right earlobe or right hand. If you feel pain on the left side of your mouth, rub your left earlobe or left hand. Within 10 minutes, you will begin to feel relief.

If you think you have an abscessed tooth, call your dentist right away. In the meantime, look into these easy home remedies.



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