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Easing Tooth Pain and Swelling

If you begin to feel tenderness in or around a tooth, you should immediately contact a dentist if the pain persists.  But in the meantime here are tips for easing tooth pain and swelling (before or after your visit to the dentist).

• Don’t worry, it’s all cool:

Applying a cold ice pack to the tender area is the best at-home remedy for your toothache. Unlike other remedies, ice is good for easing tooth pain and swelling. The ice will numb the pain and prevent excessive swelling. Do not use heat!

• Raid the medicine cabinet:

Any nonprescription medications that contain acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naxprofen, or ketaprofen will relieve an aching tooth.  Tylenol, Advil, and Aleve are all examples of these. Aspirin is useful as well, but those under 20 should be careful to consult a physician before taking Aspirin due to the risk of Reye’s syndrome. 

• Your four-leaf-clover of pain relief:

If you feel you’re toothache is just so excruciating that you’re out of luck, here’s a nifty tip for instant relief. If you grind up about two tablespoons of clovers and mix the powder with some olive oil, you can then rub the paste onto your gums. The pain relief is only temporary, but it is a great way to seek immediate respite while you’re waiting for those pain killers to kick in.

• Full body massage:

This is probably the most interesting tip of all. If you massage your earlobes and hands, you will find that the pain around your mouth will fade after about 10 minutes or so. This may seem like magic but the way it works is your earlobes and the areas between your forefinger and thumb are distinct pressure points so if you massage them, your toothache will slowly go away. Only the earlobe and/or hand that is on the same side of your jaw or tooth pain needs to be massaged.

If you’re enduring pain around your jaw or tooth, hopefully you can take these easy steps for easing tooth pain and swelling. The best remedy is to make a dental appointment but until then, do try this at home.


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